Junlebao Dairy Group

Founded in 1995, Junlebao Dairy Group is the largest dairy processor in Hebei Province, a national leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, as well as a sub-center of national dairy R&D technology. The Group now has over 14,000 employees (including outsourced staff), and 21 manufacturing plants (including those under construction) and 17 modern large-sized dairy farms in Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu, Jilinand other provinces. Junlebao Dairy Group focuses on four major sectors in business: infantand toddler formula,cold yogurt, room-temperature milk, and animal husbandry. It has established a business paradigm covering the whole dairy industry chain to ensure the coordinated development of upstream and downstream sectors, and to provide consumers with nutritious, healthy, and safe dairy products.

During his visit to the Banner Dairy of Junlebao Dairy Group on January 24, 2017, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions on establishing a competitive dairy industry in the international arena and building a world-renowned dairy brand. He expressed his hope that the domestic brands could play a leading role in the market and provide the future generations with best milk powder.

Keeping the instruction in mind, Junlebao Dairy Group endeavors to promote high-quality development of the dairy industry pursuant to the principle of four “most”, namely, providing the most optimal quality, the most competitive brand, the most reliable product and the most satisfactory product for consumers, which will navigate Junlebao to develop infant and toddler formulas living up to the trust and expectation of our people.

To ensure high-quality development andproduction of world-class milk powder, Junlebao Dairy Group initiated two models. The first is the whole industry chain model integrating the production and the operation of pasture planting, dairy cow breeding and dairy production and processing so as to make sure the safety and reliability of products. The second is the model featuring “world-class advantages in five aspects”, namely, guaranteeing the world-class research and development, establishing the world-class advanced pastures, building the world-class leading plants, working with the world-class partners, and adopting a world-class food safety management system, to ensure high-quality products.

Due to the strict management, Junlebao Dairy Group becomes the first brand that enjoys BRC A+ certification, a global standard for food safety, in the global milk powder industry. It is also the first domestic milk powder brand entering into Hong Kong and Macau markets. In November 2018, Junlebao Dairy Group was conferred the Nomination Award of China Quality Award, the first time for a Chinese dairy enterprise to win the top award of quality product in China. In June 2019, LePlatinum K2 Growing-up Milk Formula and Yuexianhuo Fresh Milk won the 2019 World Dairy Innovation Awards. In December 2020, Junlebao Dairy Group won the Commendation Award of China Industry Award, as the only dairy brand awarded with such an honor.

With unremitting efforts, the Group has enjoyed an industry-leading sales growth rate in consecutive years. The volume of sales and production of its milk powder top the rest domestic brands, with its market share surpassing all the foreign brands, serving as an important player in the domestic milk powder revitalization. The cold yogurt category boasts the third-biggest market share in China with its growth rate registering the highest in the industry.

Innovation Makes Life Better

Junlebao Dairy Group reinforces R&D activities and innovation, and optimize the product structure continuously.

The Group endeavors to promote high-quality development of the dairy industry.

Four “Mosts”

the most optimal quality

the most competitive brand

the most reliable product

the most satisfactory product for consumers

  • The most optimal quality
  • The most competitive brand
  • The most reliable product
  • The most satisfactory product for consumers

Two Models

The integrated whole industrial chain and “world-class advantages in five aspects”model.

The integrated whole industrial chain model
  • Pasture planting

  • Dairy cow breeding

  • Production and processing

The “world-class advantages in five aspects” model
  • World-class advanced pastures

  • World-class leading plants

  • World-class partners

  • World-class management system

  • World-class research and development